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Joint-University Service and Workshop Day - Play Beyond Limit: Let's Promote the Importance of Play!


Have you ever imagined building a massive maze and create an extraordinary playground with more than one hundred people? It sounds so hard to accomplish but we are going to make it happen! Playing is not only a right of children, but we all deserve it!


Come and join the Joint-University Service and Workshop Day –  Play Beyond Limit on 14 April 2018! Creating a playground with children and the elderly together, we are going to promote the importance of play!


Programme Details:

Date, Time: 14 April 2018 (Saturday), 12:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Participants can join individually or as a group of two. Join us and become the "Play Buddies" of children or the elderly in building a maze and playing different games together (including games which challenge your creativity and motion, as well as handicrafts workshop)!


Aged 17-28 Full-time tertiary students*
*Participants must be valid members of University YMCA or College YMCA (students may apply for membership upon registration of the activity)

Fee: $30
Language: Cantonese
Details & Application:
Application Remarks: To confirm the application, participants are required to submit the application fee ($30) in the corresponding University or College YMCAs office of your own institutionwithin 3 days after the submission of online application.
Application Deadline: 26 March 2018 (Monday), 6:00pm
Enquiries Table(90806219)/ Vivian(65783789)